Whifbitz Big Twin Turbo Supra 6 Speed build

Another build we are doing at the moment is on this Supra 6 speed which will be out development car for our up and coming 2JZ big twin turbo kit.

The twin turbo kit will use the Garrett GTX or HTA range of turbos with Tial turbine housings, Turbosmart wastegates and our own manifolds and downpipes. Target power for this particular setup is around 700bhp, using the smallest GTX28 turbos to achieve a fast spooling street car. The kit will also be canal able of running bigger GTX30 turbos too so will be capable of some big bhp for those who over 1000bhp.

We will also be fitting a Syvecs S6 ecu along with full drive by wire throttle and throttle pedal. HKS cams, polished and full detailed engine bay with some of our carbon parts too.

More updates along the way!

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