Whifbitz BMW M3 F80

2017 BMW M3 owned, tuned and modified by Garage Whifbitz.

Our BMW M3 is currently running 650whp & 644 lb/ft torque, thats approx 750bhp at the fly which is getting to the safe limits of the stock engine.

To make this power our car has the following mods:

  • Midland Turbo hybrid turbos
  • Whifbitz BMW M3 M4 titanium exhaust removing the secondary cats
  • Whifbitz BMW M3 M4 catless resonated downpipes
  • Whifbitz BMW M3 M4 titanium chargepipes
  • Ecutek custom tune with E50 ethanol flex fuel, running 2 maps switchable on the steering wheel, map 1 610whp & map 2 650whp along with rolling anti lag
  • Forge Motorsport BMW M3 M4 chargecooler radiator
  • BMW M5 EU5 injectors which are needed to run the extra fuel capacity for the ethanol
  • Bend Calibration flex fuel kit
  • Stock airbox’s with Ramair air filters
  • NGK 97506 iridium spark plugs
  • BMS oil catch tank

Chassis and styling mods:

  • 20″ Z Performance 9.5″ and 11″ wheels with 265/30 front and 305/30 rear tyres
  • Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs
  • Carbon side skirts, rear diffuser, rear spoiler & front spoiler
  • Black M3 rear badge
  • Black grilles
  • Black side garnish

If you want your BMW M car tuned or maintained please get in touch

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