Whifbitz BMW M3 Stage 3 Littco Hybrid Turbos

Another BMW M3 in with us for some tuning work.
We have now switched to using Littco hybrid turbos for our stage 3 power conversions and Pure turbos for those wanting a bit more. I wont go into all the details but we are no longer supplying the Turbo Dynamics hybrid turbos.
The Littco L700 turbos produce exactly what they say on the tin, 700bhp and are great value for money. We also supply and fit Pure turbos for those wanting to go above that figure.
Dyno graph attached is showing the power at the rear wheels, add about 15% to get the flywheel BHP figure. The car is fitted with the following mods:
  • Littco L700 hybrid turbos
  • 97ron BP Super Unleaded – more power available with 99ron fuel
  • Ecutek custom map with switchable map settings, low boost & high boost
  • FTP chargepipes
  • Whifbitz 3″ catless downpipes
  • Whifbitz 3.5″ single midpipe with OEM standard back box
  • NGK 97506
  • Insane Performance crank hub
  • All fitted here at Garage Whifbitz
Please get in touch if you need a quote, www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk

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