Whifbitz Front Mount Intercooler

Another new Whifbitz product out now is our own top quality front mount intercooler kit(FMIC ) to compete with whats available from Greddy, HKS, Blitz, etc. except at a lower price.

Now the core itself isnt a cheapo ebay special from China, its one of the best available on the planet. Made by Garrett/Honeywell, these cores are used by companies like Roush, Saleen, Mercedes-Benz AMG, Ford SVT, GM, McLaren so you get an idea of what quality we are talking about here.

The cores are high density/high efficiency bar and plate with very our own cast end tanks designed specifically to fit a Supra utilizing 80mm inlet and outlet sizes. These are one of the most efficient air to air intercoolers on the market today, utilizing precision TIG welding and solid alluminum construction.

It is 3″ thick which is rated up to 900bhp so that will cater for most peoples needs, custom made bigger versions are available by special order as well if needed.

Price wise the kits are cheaper than the high end kits available already from Greddy, HKS and Blitz. Just to compare the HKS Type R is £1193 + VAT, Blitz £1195 + VAT, Greddy 3 row is about £1250 + VAT. The HKS and Greddy units are both nice but the cores they are using are quite an old in design these days.

Kit price is £900 + VAT, for that you get the intercooler,polished alluminium pipework and silicon hoses.

Intercooler on its own £750 + VAT, this will be ideal for anyone who wants to upgrade there cheapo Chinese ebay specials or small Greddy/HKS units.

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