Whifbitz R35 GTR900 has begun

I’ve gone and done it, I bought myself a GTR. I’ve been resisting for a while now and made a big mistake of driving Ryans car. Then luck would have it, this car came up which I managed to get at a very good price as it has a blown engine!

The engine is a complete mess though as I found out yesterday when I got in on our ramp, the block has a gaping hole in it with the conrod sticking out of it! No fear though, I knew that before I bought it! This is perfect for me as I will be building a forged engine anyway.

Components to be used will be:

Mahle pistons
Carillo H-Beam rods
ARP bolts
Whifbitz ported heads
I’m looking into having my camshafts made at the moment to compliment my Supra range
ID1000cc injectors with twin walbro fuel pumps
Probably an S8 Syvecs ecu
Uprated gearbox
Whifbitz uprated intercooler, currently in the pipeline

Whifbitz turbo kit, which will be developed and tested on my car. I’m pretty sure this will be using 2x S252 Bullseye Power Batmowheel turbos along with my own manifolds, Turbosmart wasgegates, etc.

Ti Exhausts titanium downpipes, y-pipe and cat back system. Ti Exhausts is the brand name my new titanium exhausts will be sold under by the way! www.tiexhausts.co.uk

Think thats about it at the moment anyway.

I started getting the engine to be removed today, all seems pretty easy to work on so far. I’ll see if I can get it out next week sometime if I get time.

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