Whifbitz R35 GTR 76mm Air Intake Kit

Garage Whifbitz Nissan R35 GTR 76mm air intake kit. This is a must for any tuned GTR, increasing the inside diameter of the pipes means it is less of a restriction and the increased airflow allows the stock MAF sensors to work to within there limits when increasing the power. They also sounds rather nice with the increase in induction and engine noise. The kit comes with 2x 76mm aluminium pipes with flanges for the stock MAF sensor and 2x KN air filters which are the best on the market today. KN air filters come with a lifetime guarentee, all you need to do is clean them at service time and they are like new again. This will require the ECU to be remapped, an easy job for anyone with a Cobb or Ecutec already installed. Like with all of our products we can fit and set the car up here if required.

Our price for these is £288 inc VAT, no GTR TAX!!!!! Available to purchase on our website here http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/index.php/whifbitz-76mm-nissan-r35-gtr-air-intake-kit-3486.html

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