Whifbitz R35 GTR makes 1000bhp on the dyno

We dyno’d our R35 GTR a month ago now, mapped by Ryan G of 2 Bar Tuning/Syvecs the car made an easy 866bhp at the hubs on a Dynapak hub dyno with the Syvecs S8 ecu installed. This equates to just under 1000bhp at the flywheel depending on who you believe with driveline losses, that’s the figure I’m going for anyway!
This figure was achieved at an easy 1.7 bar boost on pump fuel, no race fuel or any additives added. More to come if I fancy pushing it a bit with some race juice in there.

On the road the car feels very very quick, especially in the lower gears with the traction the GTR offers. I’m used to driving my 1300bhp 1250kg Supra which just spins the power away until
you’re in 3rd gear, the GTR isn’t as quick top end as that but its not far off!

All in all I’m very happy, its a rocket ship!

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