Whifbitz Stage 1 Supra Hybrid Turbos

Garage Whifbitz Stage 1 Supra 2JZ-GTE hybrid turbos.

This option is the standard Jap spec ceramic turbos fully rebuilt with steel internals for extra strength.

The standard Jap spec ceramic Supra twin turbos are limited to 1.2 bar, any more than this and they disintegrate quickly. With our Whifbitz stage 1 Supra hybrid turbos you can run them at 1.4 bar all day long which should achieve about 440bhp approx. They are rebuilt using steel shafts with modified bearing housings to suit the new style shafts with standard compressor wheels and actuators.

These are a direct replacement for the standard units, you can run them standard boost to 1.2 bar boost or if you want to run them at a higher boost pressure you would need to install larger injectors and an ecu upgrade along with the normal “BPU” staged upgrades. All available from ourselves of course.

Please note, these are available on an exchange basis, a surcharge is applied which is refundable when your old turbos are received and checked here. Available to purchase at our online shop here.

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