Whifbitz Standard Mount Supra Intercooler

Whifbitz uprated stock mount Supra intercooler.

Recently updated our Whifbitz Supra intercooler is even better than it was before. Now featuring a highly efficient bar and plate design along with high flow cast rounded end tanks, this intercooler is a great upgrade over the standard Toyota unit.

This is a direct replacement for the standard unit with a 2 row 50mm bar and plate high flow core, capable of flowing enough to support 550bhp. The Whifbitz SMIC can be used for standard cars or anything up to small single turbo applications and the intercooler retains the Toyota ducting to insure all of the air is forced directly into the intercooler.

We are seeing so many of the standard units with age, litterally falling apart because of old age. This is causing them to not work correctly reducing your engine power and the potential performance from your car.

Available to purchase on our website here http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/index.php/toyota/supra/intercoolers/garage-whifbitz-1637.html

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