Whifbitz Supra A90 stage 3 conversion dyno run

Another 2019 GRToyota Supra in with us yesterday.

This one was in for one of our stage 3 conversions consisting of:

✅ Whifbitz 3.5” titanium exhaust system

✅ Whifbitz catless downpipe

✅ Whifbitz titanium chargepipes

✅ Ecutek custom tune running 2 switchable maps – low and high boost

The car made 520BHP and 620lb/ft torque and is now sounding and performing like it should have done from the factory, both transforming the character of the car. If you want your Supra tuned by the longest standing Supra specialist in the UK with over 20 years of experience then get in touch.

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