Whifbitz Supra EFR Twin Turbo Kit – Coming Soon

Another new product we are about to start development work on for the Supra is our own Supra twin turbo kit! The kit will be based around the Borg Warner EFR turbos and the rest will be our own, made to the same high quality as our other turbos kit we have been producing for many years now.

The Borg Warner EFR turbos have been chosen because of there unrivalled specification with Gamma Ti turbine wheels, stainless steel exhaust housing and of course the billet compressor wheel. We will be using the internally gated version which will help simplify the twin turbo kit, if you’ve ever worked on a Blitz or HKS Supra twin turbo kit you will know its hard work! So with the EFR IWG (internal waste gate) you don’t need external wastegates, saving weight, space and money, they also have v band exhaust housings so no gaskets to blow and much easier and quicker to remove/refit. They also have a built in blow off valve so more money saved there as you don’t need to purchase a Turbosmart, HKS, Blitz BOV, and again less to go wrong. Built in boost control solenoids, so more money saved.

To start with we will be using a pair of EFR 6758’s which will give around 750-800bhp but the kit will also be able to run the slightly smaller 6258 for up to 700bhp and the larger 7163 which will be good for a 1000bhp, so they should suit everyones needs.

The rest of the kit will comprise of our own manifolds, downpipes, intercooler pipes, oil feeds, oil drains, water feeds and air filters/pipes.

More details to come as soon as we have them, its going to take about 2 months to complete hopefully. We have no target price for this yet though, before you ask!

Pictures of the 2 turbos we received today to get you going.


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