Whifbitz Supra makes 1178bhp on pump fuel

Yesterday, the world famous Garage Whifbitz Supra made an easy 1178bhp on pure Shell V-power straight out of the pumps. More impressively this was only running a relatively low 1.9 bar boost.

I decided to make a headline power figure not so long ago as the car isn’t being used for Time Attack this year so have a bit more time for doing things like this. 

The only changes made to the car was to remove the GT4094/42 hybrid which is used when in circuit spec and replaced with a Bullseye Power S383 Batmowheel 83mm turbo. Plus the car is now running 2000cc ID injectors as the 1000cc were to small along with an increase in exhaust diameter to 4” with minimal silencing.

As you can see from the dyno below the figures are pretty impressive and because of the Garage Whifbitz twin scroll/twin wastegate manifold setup the lag isn’t that bad, its still very useable on the street. 

Unfortunately when going for more boost the car picked up a small misfire which was due to a faulty injector. It made 1219bhp at 2.4 bar but this isn’t a true figure as the Syvecs ecu detected knock on cylinder 2 and briefly shut it down to protect the engine from melt down. Amazing ECU and very highly recommended. More power to come very soon when I have a replacement injector.

On the road the car feels stupidly fast, easily the fastest thing I’ve been in and driven, 1178bhp with around 1250kg. I think it scared Ryan a bit! Suprising thing is the grip the car has, I was expecting it to be lighting the tyres up but it doesn’t, just hooks up and grips. 3rd gear full power runs are no problem at all, I know the Toyo R888 tyres help a bit but I think the OS Giken Spec X diff is helping here as well, makes all the difference.

Dyno sheet below are the wheel figures

Big thanks to Ryan G at 2 Bar Tuning for his superb mapping skills as always.

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