Whifbitz Supra Mk4 NA-T turbo kit dyno run – 580BHP

Another Supra NA-T we have just completed running one of our Whifbitz 2JZ-GE turbo kits with our tubular billet collector twin wastegate manifolds and Borg Warner SXE turbo.
Making an easy 580BHP at only 1.2 bar boost on 99ron pump fuel.
Mods are:
✅ Whifbitz twin wastegate billet collector turbo kit using a Borg Warner SXE turbo
✅ Whifbitz billet Inlet manifold Inc fuel rail with Bosch drive by wire throttle
✅ Whifbitz 4” stainless steel exhaust system
✅ Whifbitz R35 coilpack conversion
✅ Whifbitz 4” Intercooler
✅ Link G4+ ecu
Standard 2JZ GE engine with a GTE head gasket fitted to lower the compression ratio.


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