Whifbitz Supra NA-T Turbo Kit Dyno Run

We recently fitted another one of our Whifbitz Supra NA-T Turbo kits to a customers 1994 Toyota Supra non turbo manual running an R154 gearbox.

This particular car had our bolt on kit with the following modifications:

  • Whifbitz Supra NA-T Turbo Kit using a Borg Warner SXE61mm turbo, normally we use the SX360 turbo
  • FIC 650cc drop in injectors with Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump kit
  • Whifbitz Supra stage 1 catch tank
  • Link G4+ plug in ecu with 3 bar map sensor & boost control solenoid running launch control/pops & bangs
  • AEM wideband lambda controller
  • Spec clutch
  • Whifbitz 3″ stainless steel single box exhaust system
  • DEi T4 titanium turbo blanket
  • Toucan display allowing control of different boost levels, launch control activation and viewing all engine parameters such as boost, afr, tps, coolant temp, etc.

Mapped on our 2000bhp 4wd Dynojet rolling road here in South Wales. Running 1 bar boost this particular car made 384bhp & 364 lb/ft torque at the rear wheels, which is about 441bhp at the flywheel doubling the standard car’s power output!

Please see our website here for more details.

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