XShift Toyota GR Yaris GR Corolla Sequential Gearbox

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XShift Toyota GR Yaris & GR Corolla Sequential Gearbox, available in 5,6 or 7 speed options, please email us for prices and options.


  • Latest shifting mechanism & dog engagement system
  • 5/6 or 7 speed ratios
  • Cast gearbox casing rated to 1400NM torque
  • Barrel rotation customization: R-N-1-7 or R-N-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-R-N-1-2…
  • Option for cooling the transfer case
  • Position for original oil temp sensor
  • Gear position sensor included
  • Shifting rod or cable in neat interior design
  • Aluminium or carbon shift lever
  • Limited slip diff with external adjustable preload
  • Integrated oil pump for better lubrication and lifespan
  • Bellhousing in unique design included
  • 60kg weight

All parts are made from billet steel, applied special heat treatment and REM isotropic superfinished to ensure strength and high levels of abrasion resistance.

The GR Yaris has insufficient lubrication to the transfer case, this was one of the main improvements that was needed, here at Xshift gearboxes we developed a solution that uses a powerful gearbox lubrication pump which provides an oil supply to the transfer case increasing durability and lifespan.

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Weight 100 kg

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