Engine is stripped

Quick update.

Fully stripped the engine today, looks like a piston has got a tad hot and broke a piston ring. This in turn has caused a bit of cylinder head damage, nothing to drastic, head just needs a bit of a clean up.
So another block and a set of pistons it is then.

Also on strip down my RPS carbon carbon is ready for the bin. Plates are worn and the cover has started falling apart! Its been slipping when cold since last October and I’ve had it about 7 years so its done pretty well. Bit of a bugger though as its an expense I wasn’t expecting.

So I’ve got a nice new Carbonetic triple plate clutch turning up tomorrow, very very sexy clutches these, cant recommend them highly enough. Worked a treat in our RX7 and Steve L’s been using one for awhile now.

Time for a change with my inlet manifold as well. I’ve ordered up a Hypertune http://www.hypertune.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=97&Itemid=91 sexy or what. Which means by Veilside ported inlet manifold is up for grabs, sensible offers being taken.

And lastly (for the moment), I’m going to try out some Titan Motorsport 280 camshafts, the HKS 280 cams are for sale as well.

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