Carbonetic Carbon Clutch & Hypertune 2JZ inlet manifold

Been busy putting the engine back together which as you can see from the below pictures is all done and in the car.

I changed over to a Carbonetic triple plate clutch as my old RPS carbon carbon was worn out plus the pressure plate had started to fall apart! Not an expense I was expecting when we took it apart but there you go, I’ve had the RPS for about 7 years now so its done pretty well.

Take a look at this inlet manifold, how sexual is that! Quality of this thing is top notch, lets hope it works. Suppose to be the best so we’ll soon find out. It doesn’t come with any pipework or mounting brackets for dipstick or throttle cable so I’ve had to make those up. Also went to put the power steering pump on and the inlet pipe into the pump is pointing straight at the throttle body so is being modified today. Also the fuel rail has only got 1 feed so I’m putting an extra one in the middle as the return back to the regulator. And lastly I’ve had to make up the pipework to join up to the intercooler, I’ll stick some pics up when its finished.
On a good note it allows the fuse box to be left in the stock position which is nice.

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