480bhp Toyota GR Yaris with more to come!

So Matts car is back on the dyno ready for the next stage of tuning. Now it has our Whifbitz fuel system which includes a flex fuel sensor we can tune it on ethanol fuel. This is done by adding the ethanol in the fuel tank mixed with the 99ron pump fuel already in there. The flex fuel sensor tells the Syvecs ecu how much ethanol content is present in the fuel, the Syvecs then automatically adjusts the boost, ignition timing, air fuel ratio, etc to suit.

On the day we ran E50 content and we were limited by the factory map sensor only reading up to 2 bar boost so we tuned it to a maximum of 1.9 bar boost. Even so the power increased from 435bhp to 480bhp by increasing boost from 1.8 to 1.9 bar and adding the 50% E50 ethanol fuel which allows more ignition timing to be added.

Next step is to fit a an upgraded map sensor to allow us to run more boost, we can then turn it up to over 500bhp!

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