Matt’s 480BHP Toyota GR Yaris

Matt’s Toyota GR Yaris is the first car to use our Garage Whifbitz Toyota GR Yaris turbo kits. Our turbo kit features a tubular manifold with the optional Thermo Met heat protection to keep the temperatures under control. Matt opted for the Garrett G25-550 turbo which as you can see from the dyno graph below gives the engine amazing low down torque along with power to the redline. Making 405whp which is about 480bhp on 99ron E50 ethanol fuel.

Matt’s had one of our signature G16E-GTS forged engine builds where we modify the block to make it closed deck giving it extra strength. We’ve fitted Nitto CP forged pistons and Nitto conrods along with an HKS head gasket and Lamspeed H13 head studs. This allows the G16E-GTS 1.6 litre 3 cylinder engine to produce 500+bhp reliably especially as this car will be used on track a lot.

Matts also fitted Nitron coilovers, OZ wheels and Yokohama tyres to give it some extra bite on the track. As you can see from the spec listed out below no money has been spared on this pocket rocket!

Matt’s Toyota GR Yaris has the following modifications:

G16E-GTS Engine & transmission:

  • Garage Whifbitz G16E-GTS turbo kit with a Garrett G25-550turbo, Turbosmart external wastegate, 3″ downpipe and midpipe. Optional Thermo Met heat protection for the manifold and Funk turbo blanket and wastegate blanket
  • Syvecs GR Yaris ecu
  • Garage Whifbitz GR Yaris fuel system with flex fuel sensor
  • Garage Whifbitz CNC ported cylinder head with Supertech valves, Supertech bronze valve guides
  • Closed deck block for extra strength and reliability
  • HKS head gasket
  • Kelford G16E-GTS 266/274 billet camshafts
  • Kelford G16E-GTS valve springs
  • Nitto CP forged pistons
  • Nitto H beam conrods
  • Lamspeed sump baffle kit to stop oil surge
  • Lamspeed H13 head stud kit
  • Milltek exhaust
  • Airtec Motorsport intercooler kit
  • Turbosmart Raceport BOV
  • Eventuri intake kit
  • HKS spark plugs
  • Airtec Motorsport catch tank
  • Airtec Motorsport engine oil cooler
  • Garage Whifbitz upgraded fuel system comprising of a Radium boot mounted surge tank, Walbro 525lph fuel pump mounted inside the Radium surge tank, flex fuel sensor and teflon braided hoses throughout for use with ethanol fuel
  • Deatschwerks 1100cc upgraded fuel injector kit
  • Canchecked GR Yaris display

Chassis, body & transmission mods:

  • Xtreme Performance Heavy Duty Organic Clutch Kit Including Flywheel & CSC
  • CAE shifter
  • Goodridge braided brake lines
  • Nitron coilovers
  • Airtec Motorsport strut brace
  • Rear seat delete
  • OZ Ultraleggera 9×18 lightweight wheels
  • Yokohama A052 235/40×18 tyres
  • Sparco seats
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