625BHP Whifbitz tuned BMW M4 Street sleeper

Another BMW M4 tuned recently, this one went from as it left the showroom to 625bhp in one go and it still looks like a standard factory car so its a bit of a street sleeper.

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To get this power we fitted the following modifications:

  • Whifbitz titanium exhaust
  • Whifbitz downpipes
  • NGK 97506 spark plugs
  • FTP Motorsport chargepipes
  • FTP Motorsport turbo inlet pipe kit
  • Midland hybrid turbos
  • Mishimoto catch tank
  • ECU bench unlock and installed Bootmod3

It was then remotely tuned on our Dynojet dyno by Bend Calibrations to make 625bhp, the fuel injectors were maxed out so couldn’t run anymore on this one. We also fitted an Insane Performance pinned crank hub to keep it 100% reliable, just google it if you don’t know about the S55 engine issues.

If you need your BMW M car tuned please get in contact.

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