395bhp Toyota MK11 JZX110

We had Mike’s Toyota MK11 JZX110 recently for a mapping session, this particular model uses the 1JZ GTE VVTi engine along with an R154 5 speed manual gearbox, both capable of taking over 600bhp no problem.

As there is no plug in ecu available for the MK11 JZX110 its fitted with a Link Altezza plug in ecu which is then rewired to suit the MK11. Whilst the MK11 JZX110 was here we also wired in the fuel pump, electric fans, boost solenoid and Link can lambda.

As soon as we started mapping it on our Dynojet dyno it started misfiring so in went a set of our Whifbitz coil packs and NGK HT leads, misfire fixed. Its also running 1000cc injectors, Holset turbo and a Greddy intercooler.

It made 338whp which is an estimated 395bhp at the flywheel at 1 bar boost which was limited by the fuel pressure dropping off so it needs a more powerful fuel pump to turn the boost up further.

If you’d like your Toyota tuned or maintained please get in touch.

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