Toyota Supra Mk4 6 Speed Single Turbo

We had this lovely Toyota Supra Mk4 6 speed in with us recently for a long list of jobs to do.

The whole back end of the car underneath was corroding badly so we removed the rear subframe, treated the corrosion that was forming on the body and gave it a coat of underbody paint. The rear subframe was blasted and powder coated black along with the brace bars and exhaust heat shields. We then replaced all the rear suspension arms, bolts, nuts and washers with new genuine Toyota parts along with new diff mounts, front to rear brake pipes, fuel pipes, new subframe mounts, fuel tank cover and fuel tank straps.

We then moved on to the handling fitting our Whifbitz adjustable anti roll bars along with highly recommended KW V3 coilovers which we believe to be the best suspension available for a road going Supra and finally a wheel alignment.

Next up was the ecu, it arrived with a 1990’s AEM EMS ecu fitted which weren’t very good back in the 90’s let alone these days where ecu tech has moved on considerably. So that was removed and a Syvecs S7plus ecu fitted in its place, the very best money can buy. The ecu itself is the most important part of any build, its the brain of the car so its critical to use a top quality product like the Syvecs ecu.

The clutch was changed from a grabby horrible to use old version RPS twin plate to a nice to use Spec stage 2+ single plate clutch using an OEM dual mass flywheel, we also did a full service and cambelt.

Its running a single turbo conversion which we think is an old Boostlogic kit, not sure on the size of the turbo but it looks quite a small one, it still made good power 495whp which is an estimated 574bhp approx. running a totally stock engine making this a great fast road setup.

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Please see below for some before and after photos and video of the semi restoration we did on the rear of this Supra Mk4.

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