736BHP BMW M3 F80

Another BMW M3 F80 modified by us here at Whifbitz and how good does it look in red!

This M3 arrived with us totally standard and left with 736bhp, we fitted the following parts:

  • Insane Performance crank hub fix
  • Midland hybrid turbos
  • Whifbitz single midpipe
  • Whifbitz downpipes
  • NGK 97506 spark plugs
  • Ramair air filters in stock airbox
  • FTP Motorsport inlet pipe kit
  • FTP Motorsport chargepipes
  • BMW M5 EU5 injectors
  • Bootmod3 flex fuel kit
  • Bootmod3 license and then custom mapped by Bend Calibrations on our Dynojet dyno with 2 switchable maps, low and high torque

It made 558whp which is an estimated 645bhp on 99 ron pump fuel and then when we added E70 (70% ethanol) fuel power shot up to 638whp which is an estimated 736bhp. This is all taken of by the flex fuel sensor, this tells the ecu the ethanol % content and automatically compensates the ecu parameters to suit the different fuel. So no need for a big water/meth tank in your boot, you just add the ethanol in the cars fuel tank and ecu takes care of everything for you.

If you would like your BMW tuned or maintained please get in touch.

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