Toyota Supra Mk4 ZF 8 Speed conversion

Another Toyota Supra Mk4 converted with our Whifbitz ZF 8 speed gear conversion. This car went from the 1990’s tech 4 speed auto slush box to the latest tech ZF 8 speed gearbox, transforming the shift speeds and performance of this Toyota Supra.

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Our conversion uses the fantastic Turbolamik TCU to control the gearbox with auto shifting and manual shifting options, the TCU is a stand alone unit which makes it very easy to integrate into the car.

Whilst the car was with us we also fitted a Syvecs S7plus ecu to control the engine, Whifbitz 4″ intercooler kit, cambelt, water pump and fixed some oil leaks with new crank and cam seals.

Its running an HKS T04Z turbo kit which makes 508bhp and 523lb/ft torque at 1.5 bar boosts on a completely stock engine running on 95 ron pump fuel which really holds the power back, the owner is from Ireland and they don’t have 99 ron fuel there unfortunately.

Its worth mentioning we can fit the ZF 8 speed gearbox to most RWD cars and some 4WD cars too.

We’ve been specialising in the Toyota Supra Mk4 since the year 2000, if you’d like your Supra tuned, maintained or restored by the longest standing Supra specialist in the world please get in touch.

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