Garage Whifbitz Supra MK4 ZF 8 Speed Gearbox Conversion

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Back in 2015 we were the first company anywhere in the world to fit the Getrag 7 speed DCT gearbox from the BMW M3 V8 into the Supra MK4.

This time we think we have another world first (correct us if we are wrong), the first Supra Mk4 with a ZF 8 speed gearbox fitted and working in the world!

The ZF 8 speed conversion we are now offering brings the Supra bang up to date using the biggest selling and best autobox there is on the planet.

We can now supply and fit a full bolt in kit for your Supra converting your car from an early 1990’s 4 speed auto to the latest tech ZF 8 speed auto. It’ll also fit the manual cars too but will require a Supra Auto twin turbo propshaft front section for it to be a bolt in conversion.

We use the fantastic Turbolamik TCU (transmission control unit) to control the gearbox. The Turbolamik TCU are very easy to fit and setup and provide almost OEM levels of control of the gearbox. The Turbolamik TCU features full automatic mode, manual mode using a gear-lever, flappy paddles or both along super fast gear changes when you want go blasting through the gears and smooth gear changes when you want to cruise around.

One of the great features of our conversion is it can be fitted using the OEM engine ecu, so no need for an expensive stand alone ecu, the gearbox conversion can be installed as a completely stand alone kit keeping the costs down.

Parts included in the conversion:

  • Whifbitz 2JZ to ZF 8HP70 N57 gearbox adaptor plate
  • Whifbitz 2JZ to ZF 8HP torque converter adaptor, this bolts to the auto drive plate
  • Whifbitz Supra ZF 8HP70 gearbox mount with rubber mounts for silent vibration free use
  • Whifbitz Supra ZF 8HP70 billet propshaft adaptor to bolt directly to the Supra Auto twin turbo propshaft
  • Whifbitz 8HP70 billet oil cooler adaptor with AN8 fittings to enable fitment of a gearbox oil cooler

Parts not included in the conversion:

  • Gearbox control unit, we supply and fit the Turbolamik TCU along with a plug in wire loom.
  • Gearbox mechatronic install board, the mechatronics unit needs gutting and rewiring, we sell a solder in board which makes the job much easier.
  • Gearbox/transmission, you will need to supply this yourself as we dont sell used parts. Gearbox number we normally use is ga8hp70z and these are from a BMW N57 engine, these are readily available on ebay.
  • Control Strategy Supra LCD clock display, highly recommended so you can see what gear you’re in and other features too
  • Flappy paddles, we normally use the Nightpager shifters, available seperately. This will also need a boss kit and Momo/Sparco style steering wheel as it wont fit with the original wheel.
  • Gear lever, we use the latest Toyota Supra shifter, click here to order and a new Supra manual dash panel available from us.
  • Gearbox oil, available seperately
  • Gearbox oil cooler, available seperately

The other thing we are keen to mention is we can make this work on pretty much any rear wheel drive car and some 4WD cars too as the 8HP gearbox is made for 4WD cars too! The Supra conversion we’ve made is very similar to the Chaser, Aristo and IS for instance. The Turbolamik TCU gearbox control unit is a totally stand alone needing only a tps, map and rpm inputs required from the ecu for it to work.

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