Turbolamik TCU ZF 8HP Gearbox Control Unit

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TCU 2.0 TurboLamik is a high-end controller for ZF 8HP automatic transmissions, the tcu can control the automatic transmission in any car, allowing you to use the maximum potential of the engine and quick gear changes at the level of 50-150ms.

Thanks to the possibility of configuring driving modes, the TCU can be to adapted to controller any type of usage, Street, Drag, Circuit racing, Off Road, etc

The controller is sold with a configuration for any given car, the customer does not have to map gearbox, it automatically adapts for easy install.

TCU 2.0 has a diagnosis of error codes and protection during the occurrence of a failure of the drive system ensures the safety of the user.


  1. 8 configurable driving modes
  2. Gear shifting: manual, automatic, semi-automatic,
  3. Soft to sporty shift characteristics
  4. Auto Adaptation
  5. Auto diagnostics / error code memory
  6. Transbrake launch procedure
  7. Virtual clutch
  8. On-line software update

See here for instructions and useful information http://manual.turbolamik.eu/TCUMANUAL1.html

A1-A12 Analog Input:

Freely configurable inputs can be used as CAN/ANALOG (extended stand allone ecu).

Analog output 1-4 analog outputs analog eg: gear signal, brake, clutch.

AUX 1-8 outputs 0.5a low side

AUX 9-10 output 5A low side speed signal

AUX 11-12 output 3A higt side

AUX outputs support:

-idle signal

-reverse lamp signal

-signal of the included ignition

-speed output

-control of the gearbox radiator fan

-trnasbrake output signal

-front wheel lock valve

11 outputs for controlling gearbox valves.

CAN Communication : 2 x 125, 250, 500, 1MBps

The TCU 2.0 Turbolamik is for race use only


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