730BHP Whifbitz built Toyota Supra Mk4 single turbo ZF 8 speed converted dyno power runs!

Another Supra ZF8 speed gearbox conversion done using the fantastic Turbolamik TCU to control the gearbox and the equally fantastic Syvecs S6Plus ecu controlling the engine.

Automatic mode, manual mode via gear lever or flappy paddles, gear cuts on downshift, smooth gear changes and pull away, super fast Upshifts, etc.

And we can fit the ZF 8 speed conversion to nearly any RWD car and some 4WD cars too.

For more information on our ZF 8HP gearbox conversion head over to our website here.

If you want your Supra tuned, maintained or restored please get in touch, we’ve been specialising in the Supra since the year 2000, 23 years of experience with this fantastic car.

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