Whifbitz R35 4″ titanium exhaust fitted

I’ve been using the car pretty much on a daily basis for the spring months and every time I get in the car it brings a massive smile to my face!

The car is now running one of our new Whifbitz 4″ titanium exhausts, and wow, what a noise it makes now! When I get a chance I’ll put a Go Pro on the back of the car and give it some beans.

Anyway, the exhaust is now ready to sell, you can purchase it on our website here http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/niss…m-exhaust.html

In total this exhaust weighs an astonishing 12.53kg, that’s including the y-pipe! The standard Nissan y-pipe back section exhaust is 18.5kg so including the standard y-pipe section there should be a 16kg saving approx.

Oh and the exhaust will flow over 1200bhp!

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