New Product – Whifbitz 4″ R35 GTR Titanium Exhaust

New product release, Garage Whifbitz 4″ titanium exhaust system for the Nissan R35 GTR.

This is a complete exhaust from the downpipes back, it includes the y-pipe, mid section and rear exhaust section too. It is designed to be used with the standard tailpipes so you can either use your original tailpipes or with the optional titanium tailpipes we sell.

The Garage Whifbitz 4″ titanium R35 GTR exhaust will flow well over a 1000bhp, so far it has been tested to 1200bhp without causing any restrictions. There are 2 options available, with an extra silencer in the y-pipe that will reduce the noise levels.

Made from titanium this exhaust is super lightweight with significant weight savings over your standard exhaust or aftermarket stainless steel version. Weighing in at 12.53kg including the y-pipe there is a huge saving over the standard or stainless steel aftermarket exhausts.

Benefits include:

•  Free flowing design improves power, torque and response over the factory fitted exhaust.

•  Titanium being lighter than steel gives your car a better power to weight ratio helping to improve straight line performance and cornering ability.

•  Titanium is stronger than steel but lighter so we are able to build an exhaust that takes abuse better than its steel counterparts but with significant weight savings over your typical factory fitted and aftermarket steel exhaust systems.

•  Titanium is highly resistant to corrosion, unlike stainless steel exhaust units which may rust or decay over a period of time so long life is guaranteed.

Available to purchase on our website here.

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