A world first!!Toyota Crown ZF 8 Speed Gearbox Conversion.

We are doing more and more ZF 8 speed conversions on a variety of cars but this is a world first as far as we know, the one and only ZF 8 speed converted Toyota Crown Athlete!

As you can see from our Youtube video below it transforms the car, removing the 1990’s tech 4 speed auto to the latest super fast shifting ZF 8HP70 autobox. This particular model of Crown has a 1JZ-GTE VVTi engine as standard running about 300bhp and is pretty much the same as a Toyota Chaser and similar to the Toyota Aristo & Lexus IS200/300 underneath. We now have bolt on kits available for these models.

Using the fantastic Turbolamik TCU to control the gearbox we can install the ZF 8 speed in more or less any RWD car. We can also fit the ZF X drive 4wd gearboxes too if you want to convert your car to 4wd its never been easier. The conversions are much easier on older cars as they dont have canbus so less electronics to integrate and keep happy. So if you have a classic car the ZF 8 speed gearbox conversions are very easy to do.

Please get in touch if you want your car modernised!

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