BK’s 622bhp Toyota GR Supra A90

Another big power Supra A90 making a nice useable 525whp which is an estimated 622bhp. This is the first car running our newly launched Whifbitz Supra A90 turbo kit, you can read more about that by clicking here.

This particular car has the following mods:

  • Whifbitz top mount turbo kit with a Precision 6466 Gen 2 turbo
  • Whifbitz Supra A90 3.5″ titanium lightweight exhaust
  • Whifbitz titanium chargepipe
  • Wagner Tuning charge cooler inlet manifold
  • ETS catch tank
  • CSF charge cooler radiator
  • Whifbitz custom Ecutek dyno tune running 2 switchable maps
  • Motiv Reflex controlling the boost
  • XHP stage 3 gearbox flash
  • Whifbitz carbon rear spoiler
  • Whifbitz carbon roof
  • Apex SM10 9.5×19 & 11×19 wheels with 265/35 & 305/30×19 Michelin P4S tyres
  • Eibach 20mm lowering springs
  • Whifbitz carbon cooling panel
  • Whifbitz carbon side garnish
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