BMW M4 Whifbitz Stage 3 650bhp conversion!

We had this lovely 2014 BMW M4 manual 6 speed in with us recently for one of our stage 3 conversions boosting the power on this particular car to 568whp which is an estimated 650bhp at the flywheel. This was made keeping the primary cats in place and the secondary cats had already been removed previously.

Whilst the car was with us we completed the following mods:

  • Midland hybrid turbos
  • FTP Motorsport inlet pipe kit
  • NGK 97506 spark plugs
  • Bootmod3 Bend Calibrations custom map, 2 switchable low and high power maps with linear power delivery
  • We found a broken H&R rear spring so we fitted a set of new Eibach springs along with a wheel alignment

If you’d like your M car tuned please get in touch.

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