Brands Hatch Track Day

Had a top notch afternoon at Brands Hatch today, absolutely love this circuit, would highly recommend it to anyone.

The car itself started off with bags of understeer through the slower corners and oversteer in the high speed corners so not good! To get the balance sorted out we started by raising the rear wing up by 3″ and lowering the tyre pressures a tad as they were getting up pretty high. Went out and tried it again and immediately it felt much more stable through the high speed corners.
Next up we tried to dial out a bit of the understeer in the slower corners, tried different anti roll bar settings which didn’t help, it just made it oversteer more in the faster corners. So we then tried softening up the high speed bump on the dampers, that transformed the car making the car much more supple over the bumpy bits when braking and giving it more traction out of the corners. That alone knocked a second off the lap time which we were amazed by, couldn’t believe the difference it made.
All in all a great day, by the end of it the car was doing exactly what I wanted it to do and its a great feeling as a driver to feel all these changes we were making actually doing something to the car.

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