Engine problem

Not good news I’m afraid, think the engines melted a piston. It started using a bit of oil at Silverstone and when leaving Brands last night it chucked a bit of blue smoke out the exhaust. Done a compression test today and that was fine but leak down test showed 85% leak by on no. 6, gutted as thats my day ruined on Sunday, the round I’ve been looking forward to the most as well. I’ll still go and cruise round just to get some points but its going to be so annoying for me knowing how well it was going yesterday. And I’ll be falling even further behind Steve! Next step is to find another block, get some pistons and then work out what happened. Pissed off, going down the gym to let off some steam.

Best case scenario It’ll only be a set of pistons/rings and a block rebore. Worst case, there could be head damage, crank damage, turbo damage(if something’s go through it). I’m hoping for the best case scenario in which I’ll keep the stroker.

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