Bullseye S368 Turbo arrived

My Bullseye S368 turbo just turned up, lovely jubbly. To give you an idea of the size of this turbo, I thought I’d stick a Precision T67 next to it, as you can see its quite big, makes the T67 look a bit limp wristed.
The compressor housing is the race cover version which is bigger than the standard Borg Warner housings, this is suppose to give better spool plus making more power. Looks about the same size as my old GT42RS so its got a bit of impact, should be more responsive though as the wheel sizes are smaller plus the Borg Warner’s are suppose to be quicker spooling with there extended tip technology. Downside is it weighs in at 17kg, slightly lighter than the GT42 but about 8kg heavier than my current GT4094R hybrid turbo.

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