New turbo

after alot of research I’ve ordered up a Bullseye Borg Warner Air Werks S368 0.90 A/R turbo. I’m after the bhp I have now(800bhp) with better spool and more torque which I’m hoping this turbo will provide. Should look the nuts to, its got a 5.5″ inlet!

If you’ve never heard of Bullseye turbos before, basically the units are Borg Warners but with Bullseyes own mix of wheels and compressor housing, means there is a lot more choice available. They make there own race compressor housing which is suppose to outspool the Borg Warner covers. All of them are now available through me if required and this is what will be used on my turbo kits from now on.

My twin scroll, twin wastegate manifold is arriving here Monday as well so will get a pic of that up ASAP. This and the turbo will both be on display at the Autosport Show next week. Cant wait to get them on the car now to try them out!

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