Carwow Toyota Supra Mk4 drag race

Carwow’s latest YouTube vid is now live featuring one of our best customers Toyota Supra Mk4 with the fantastic Whifbitz ZF 8 speed gearbox conversion.

The gearbox is being controlled by the excellent Turbolamik tcu and the engine by a Syvecs ecu, the best stand alone ecu available.

This Supra was built to be a super fast road car not a drag car so we spent a lot of time perfecting the launch setup using the transbrake, launch control, traction control and some other trick features the Syvecs has to get it as good as it can be on the tyres and suspension that’s fitted. And I think you’ll agree it did pretty well 💪

Don’t forget we can fit the ZF 8 speed gearbox to more or less any RWD car and some 4WD cars too.

You can see more details of Lee Burleys Toyota Supra Mk4 on our website here

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