GR Yaris Dyno Results, 435bhp!

So Matts car is all back together with the engine bedded in and ready to hit our Dynojet 4wd dyno for tuning.

We started off with a relatively mild tune with the car running switchable maps via the steering wheel which is one of the great features of the Syvecs ecu. On high boost which is 1.8 bar its making 364whp at 1.8 bar boost which is an estimated 435bhp at the flywheel, this is using 99ron pump fuel. Even with this power the 1.6 litre 3 cylinder engine has amazing low down torque and response out performing the hybrid turbo that was fitted to this car originally.

Matts GR Yaris will be coming back to us soon for its Whifbitz GR Yaris fuel system with flex fuel sensor so we can run ethanol fuel and turn the boost up some more and push it closer to 500bhp.

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