Chargespeed Supra Bullseye S368 turbo

This Supra came into us for a simple turbo and inlet manifold swap which turned into a bit more than that.

Apparently built buy another UK tuning company, it looked like everything was just thrown into the engine bay without any thought or care. The oil cooler for instance wasnt even bolted down, it was floating around in between the radiator and intercooler. Intercooler pipes with kinks, wiring on the exhaust manifold. When the inlet manifold was removed it was found to be glued together, as you can see from the picture it fell apart! Same goes for the HKS copy bov fitted, took it off and it fell apart. As you can see from the first picture the engine bay was a mess, wires everywhere, bits and pieces just floating around in the engine bay. We ended up fitting Bullseye S368 turbo, Greddy style inlet manifold with Q45 throttle body, Whifbitz catch tank, Turbosmart Raceport BOV, Custom made intercooler pipework from turbo to intercooler and from throttle body to intercooler and lots more.

As you can see after we finished, its now much cleaner and the car went to the dyno recently and made a nice 700bhp at the flywheel at 1.4 bar boost.

[cincopa A8EASa6xvoyF]

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