Charles’ Toyota GR Supra A90 2022 power upgrade!

Charles brought his 2022 Toyota GR Supra A90 to us last month for an ecu remap. As the car is post June 2020 the ecu is locked but the good news is Femto can unlock it. The whole process takes about 5 days as the ecu has to be sent off to Finland for the unlock.

Once back we did a Bootmod3 custom map along with an XHP gearbox remap using our own custom settings.

The Supra already had one of our Whifbitz 3.5″ stainless steel exhausts fitted previously which removes the OPF and as you can hear improves the sound over the stock exhaust. We also fitted a sports cat too.

Power is now an impressive 427whp which is an estimated 505bhp at the flywheel.

If you’d like your Toyota Supra tuned by the experts please get in touch, check our tuning page out here to see what you can do to your Supra and our customer car section here if you need any inspiration.

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