Corner Weighting at Nitron Racing Shocks

Just got back from Nitron Racing Shocks [url][/url] We spent about 5 hours on the setup of the suspension in total. Started with the wheel alignment which turned out to be miles off as I was messing around with ride heights at Oulton Park, I now know its spot on. We then moved on to the corner weighting and it turned out my car was perfect already, so that was a good guess from me then!

Front to rear weight distibution is 54 front and 46 rear and the car now weighs in at 1368kg without fuel so I’ve managed to knock off 62kg. Thats with fibreglass doors, perspex side and rear windows, carbon bootlid, abs removed, interior removed but with a steel weld in cage and a heavier exhaust added, I reckon the exhaust on its own weighs a good 20kg, so a nice saving considering.

Forgot to mention, by doing a bit of ducting work on the oil coolers it knocked 20 degrees off the oil temperature at Oulton Park, just shows you how important it is.

Here are a few pics from today:

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