New windscreen, exhaust plans…

Since Oulton we’ve fitted a heated front windscreen, just in time for knockhill! – this will help with misting problems since I haven’t got any form of heating/demisting in the car now. I’ve even removed the blower fan I had.

[singlepic id=8 w=320 h=240 float=none]
There were also plans to fit one of the new Whifbitz 3.5 inch exhausts but decided that there wouldn’t be time to test it properly before knockhill, so that’ll have to wait until after.

Seeing as the exhaust is of interest to a few members I’ll try and do some ‘testing’ etc for people to get an idea of noise/sounds etc. We have to make the cars conform to a max of 105dB and were hoping this will get us well below that. Also as I haven’t got ANY soundproofing at all the interior noise is something that is important from a driver comfort point of view… driver fatigue on track is just as much an issue as on the road!

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