Round 1 of Time Attack (Oulton Park)

Testing and race at Oulton was awesome, the car performed faultlessly for both days and it gave me a chance to use the Racepak dash on track for the first time.
It’s an excellent piece of kit, very readable, clear and as you can modify the display you can have what ever you want displayed.

Big thanks again to all the team for their work and help…

Full report is here :

Also as we had upgraded the cooling for the oil and brakes we were happy to see that oil temps didn’t rise above about 85 deg C which is great news as last year we were suffering from heat issues a little, with temps well into the 110 deg C. Brakes also felt better – no fade at all… I am known at Time Attack for going the full 20mins in a session and pretty much blasting the whole time, so this first run proved that they are also feeling better.

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