Dyno Session – 720bhp!

The car made 631bhp at the rear wheels on 1.6 bar boost, thats around 720bhp at the flywheel depending on who you believe with the power loses, that can be someone elses arguement though! It feels like the engine needs more revs as the power is still climbing at the rev limiter, that will require a forged engine for that though.

I’ve got to say apart from my own car this is the best Supra I’ve ever driven. It feels sooooo good on the road, the combination of the Titan Motorsport anti roll bars, K-Sport Brakes with Porterfield pads, Superpro full bush kit, Tein monoflex create a very good feel to it. The steering, the brakes, the power, it all adds up to a super road car which is going to be immense on the track too.

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