Engine rebuilt

Just finished screwing the rebuild engine together, all looking good, going to install it in the car tomorrow. I wonder what the difference is going to be now I’m using a stock crank again, be interesting as nothing else has changed.
I did a leak down test when I put the head on and I had the best results I’ve had on a built engine so far, 15% leak by on all cylinders. I put this down to the pistons/rings as I’m now using the Mahle Pro Series. Previously I was using CP pistons and we’ve never been able to get anywhere near this.
For anyone building a forged engine the Mahles are definately the way forward, proper quality pistons, one of the best you can get anywhere. And they are reasonably priced to, no more expensive than CP or JE, cant go wrong.
Anyway, hopefully I’ll get it started up tomorrow, going to spend all day on it hopefully.

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