Garage Whifbitz 2JZ-GTE Camshafts

Another new product line just released. Garage Whifbitz own line of upgraded camshafts for the 2JZ-GTE engine, made in the UK by a well known and long established manufacturer to our own specs.

1. 280 9.9mm lift, with this kind of lift they must be used with uprated dual valve springs. Tested back to back against HKS 280 cams and made an extra 33bhp.
2. 264 9.3mm for stock cylinder heads, drop straight in.

Now the best bit, the price. HKS cams are £324.50 + VAT each. Anything coming from the USA is about the same sort of price as well. My cams will be retailing at £250 + VAT each making it a much more affordable upgrade and we all know how much difference cams make to bhp especially on single turbo’d engines.

More information to come as soon as I have them, any questions just ask away.

[cincopa A0KALXK2C7VX]

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