Temporary engine build

Looks like I’m going to be building a temporary engine to use for the next couple of months. I really want to use a different piston this time around as I’ve never been happy with the cylinder leakage we have found with the CP pistons. Heavy breathing at idle and leak down tests aren’t that great, its never hindered the power engine makes though.

I’ll be using Mahle Pro Series pistons http://whifbitzperformancetuning.co….le-p-2209.html with a stock crank for the moment as the pistons for the stroker kit are a special order item and wont be ready for about 6 weeks approx.

It’ll be a bit of a backward step in bhp and torque but it will have to do for the moment, just have to wind the boost up some more. 2.2 bar and race fuel here we come for the Snetterton straights!

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