Femto Toyota & BMW unlocks now available at Garage Whifbitz.

Bosch ecu’s as fitted to Supra 2020+ and most BMW’s that are made after June 2020 can not be tuned as they are locked, the only company at the moment who can do this is Femto.

You would need to send your ecu to us, we check to make sure it is locked and if so send it to Femto to be unlocked.

We then receive the ecu back ready to install either Bootmod3 or MHD tuning software.

We mainly use Bootmod3 here at Whifbitz, we can provide off the shelf (OTS) maps or custom maps, this is charged at an extra cost, please ask for options.

The unlock is available for all June 2020 on cars and the turn around time is about 5 working days normally.

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