Syvecs GR Yaris ecu’s in stock!

Another batch of Syvecs GR Yaris Ecu’s ready to be installed.

The Syvecs ecu is highly recommended if you want to get the most power out of your GR Yaris in a safe way.

We are seeing and hearing of more and more engine blow ups which we think is down to the oil starvation when running grippier tyres on track.

For instance if the Syvecs ecu detects low oil pressure it will put the engine into limp mode hopefully saving your engine, the stock ecu won’t do this.

This could save you £££££££££!

We offer GR Yaris tuning packages from mild to wild, 300-600+bhp along with OEM parts and tuning parts kept in stock, if you have a GR Yaris please get in touch.

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