Whifbitz BMW M3 making 750BHP!

Our BMW M3 is now running 650whp & 644 lb/ft torque, thats approx 750bhp at the fly which is getting to the safe limits of the stock engine. We’ve been testing the Midland Turbo hybrids out for over a year and they work great! And best of all they don’t cost the earth like most of the other hybrids on the market, priced at £1800 for the pair inc VAT, https://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/midland-turbo-bmw-s55…/

To make this power our car has the following mods:

Midland Turbo hybrids

Whifbitz titanium exhaust

Whifbitz catless downpipes

Whifbitz titanium chargepipes

Ecutek custom tune with E50 ethanol flex fuel, running 2 maps switchable on the steering wheel, map 1 610whp & map 2 650whp along with rolling anti lag

Wagner Tuning chargecooler

Forge Motorsport chargecooler radiator

BMW M5 EU5 injectors which are needed to run the extra fuel capacity for the ethanol

Bend Calibration flex fuel kit

Stock airbox’s with K&N drop in filters

If you want your BMW M car tuned get in touch!

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